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Exploring the effectiveness of two different reconstruction strategies for the areas affected by the earthquakes of September in Central Mexico: Unconditional vs conditional cash transfers

On Sept. 19, 2017, Mexico City commemorated its 32nd anniversary of rising from the debris left by its worst earthquake in modern history; the capitalinos’ resilience (residents of Mexico City) was tested anew. A 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit the capital of Mexico adding an extra struggle to a country that was recovering from a previous […]

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Study shows new evidence that consumers are confused by date labels on food items

As food waste issues are attracting increasing attention from research and policy arenas, regulation changes regarding date label use on food items in the United States have been proposed because of concerns that date labels may confuse consumers about the quality and safety of food items and hence cause waste. For instance, the proposed 2016 […]

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Conferencing Conservation: Reviewing Title II of the House and Senate Farm Bills

With passage of their respective farm bills, the House and Senate are taking the formal steps to form the conference committee and begin negotiations to complete the legislative process.  Among the many differences that the conference committee will need to resolve are those involving the conservation programs in Title II of each bill. The conservation […]

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2018 Farm Bill: Two big steps forward and the top five issues for conference

On June 28, 2018, the Senate overwhelmingly passed its version of the 2018 farm bill with an historic 86 to 11 vote (U.S. Senate, Roll Call Vote 143). Senate passage followed on the heels of a very narrow, party-line re-vote in the House on June 21st finally passing the bill 213 to 211 (U.S. House […]

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Progress and potential hurdles for the 2018 Farm Bill

The odds for a farm bill in 2018 have improved considerably. On Wednesday, the Senate Ag Committee moved its version of a farm bill with a strong bipartisan vote (20 to 1) (Senate Ag Committee, 2018 Farm Bill; Farm Policy News, June 13, 2018). House leadership is attempting to resolve the immigration issue that contributed […]

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Reviewing directions in conservation policy: CSP and EQIP in the House Farm Bill

The farm bill reported by the House Ag Committee and defeated on the House floor remains in a state of limbo (H.R. 2, Agricultural and Nutrition Act of 2018). Among the changes to policy contained in H.R. 2 are significant changes to conservation policy and programs. Specifically, the House Ag Committee eliminated the Conservation Stewardship […]

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