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Because policies matter

Policy Matters was created as a new way to deliver discussions and analysis about policies that affect our state, country, and world. If you’ve followed agricultural policy stories on our parallel site farmdocdaily, you’ll recognize the similarities in look, feel, and function. The reason behind this is that farmdocdaily and Policy Matters have a similar purpose–the difference is the content.

Although there may be times when a story will appear on both sites, Policy Matters was created as a place primarily for nonfarm policy discussions. Policy Matters will provide research-based economic policy to help inform policy and policy makers on a wide variety of topics.

The site originated in and will be maintained by a team of University of Illinois economists in the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics. The Department of ACE has a rich history in analyzing the economic effects of domestic and international policies on consumers, producers, agribusinesses, and the environment. And although the site originated in ACE, it includes posts from faculty across the university.